What is Cloudflare? How Does Cloudflare Work and its Pros and Cons?

What is Cloudflare

Google has begun to focus more on page speed in each of its recent updates. According to their commentary, fast-loading websites are preferred by visitors. In general, the matter is correct.

Wondering if you would like to visit a website that has been loaded before 1 second? We need to focus on website speed and availability to increase user experience, including increasing visitor engagement on the website.

Content delivery network technology is currently being used to help with this. I will try to find out in detail how does Cloudflare works and its pros and cons.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a content delivery network service provider. This means that the service works to deliver the content of the website and application properly. Although many CDNs are now in use, Cloudflare is at the top.

Which CDN is judged for its worldwide service. Cloudflare is far ahead in that respect because its service is established worldwide. They have set up their cash servers in almost every major city in the world to provide uninterrupted service.

To get a Crystal Clear idea of ​​what Cloudflare is, you need to have an idea about domain hosting and the workings of Cloudflare. The work of Cloudflare will be discussed later, but here for your convenience Cloudflare is discussed in detail.

Cloudflare is an American web security-related public company. It was founded in July 2009 by 3 web security experts. The three were originally working on an open-source Internet security project called Honeypot. The three founders of Cloudflare are Matthew Prince, Lee Hallway, and Michelle Jatlin.

They have created a security frost system that acts as a proxy between the browser and the hosting. In other words, Cloudflare works to show your visitors whatever server your website’s data is on. As a result, when someone attacks your website, it hits the Cloudflare server without going to your hosting. This protects your original website.

Cloudflare provides services using Cache Server. Cash servers create a mirror of a website and show it to the visitors. Simply put, when you add your website to Cloudflare, it downloads the live version of your website and stores it on servers around the world.

When a visitor tries to access your website, Cloudflare shows the website from the nearest server according to the visitor’s location. This reduces the latency and the website loads very fast. Hopefully, you understand what Cloudflare is, then let’s know what Cloudflare does.

How Does Cloudflare Work?

We already know what Cloudflare is. But little is known about its work. Cloudflare works versatilely. It ensures the web site’s security and keeps the speed of the website fast. The website prevents virus attacks or hacking attacks. Cloudflare prevents unauthorized access and login.


There are many security issues to be aware of when running a website. If not, there is a possibility of many types of losses including hacking of the website. But manually maintaining the security of the website is very difficult and time-consuming. If you have more than one website then your hassle will increase. However, Cloudflare has added security to its services so that you do not have to do these things manually.

Cloudflare uses its powerful firewall to provide protection. Necessary, unnecessary bots come to the website. Some need it, such as those who come from search engines to index bot content. But with the necessary bots, a lot of unnecessary bots come to the website who try to keep the server busy. Cloudflare protects websites from unwanted bots through bot protection.

From VPN facilities to many other security-related issues, Cloudflare helps us. Many of their essential services can be used for free. This is their best part.


We know that the farther away the server is from visitors, the greater the latency. In other words, if you visit a website on the American server from Asia, then you have to give a much bigger routing route. Requests sent from your browser will reach the United States through server points in a few different countries.

It will take a long time to reach the same distance from there again. As a result, the farther you are from America, the slower you get. This is as annoying for the user as it is for the search engine. Therefore one has to get rid of this pain. Cloudflare will help you in this case. Because they have cash servers in big cities of the world. There is no pair of these cash servers to give you website delivery in a short time.

For example, let’s say you visit a Canadian website from Bangladesh. Now, if that website’s server is in any country, if it uses Cloudflare service, then that website will be shown to you from India. Since India is our neighboring country, the website will load very fast. It’s just a matter of routing latency, as well as website content such as text, images, and videos are cached much faster.

Moreover, the facility to optimize the website separately for mobile is also available. In general, there is no substitute for Cloudflare to increase website performance.


Cloudflare’s DNS service works much faster. There is no problem in DNS resolving and their DNS-related security is much better. They have a dedicated service in China which is growing day by day. Moreover, they have created their backbone which is undoubtedly trustworthy.

How Do I Use Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a very easy thing to use. Initially, you need to register on their website. After registering with the required data, they will ask you to do email verification. Once the email verification is done, log in to their website again. Then they will ask you to add your website. Remember that you need to edit your DNS to set up Cloudflare. Therefore it will take some time for DNS to work perfectly.

However, when you add your website to Cloudflare, they will give you DNS data. You need to go to your domain control panel and save the data properly. You just need to add a nameserver. In other words, Cloudflare will give you two nameservers which you have to put in the Domain Control Panel. This nameserver migration takes time. However, the migration is completely completed within 24 hours.

The Pros and Cons of Cloudflare

Like every service, Cloudflare has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out now.


  • Website Auto Optimization: Cloudflare Auto Optimizes Websites. Although it is not supposed to be necessary to optimize the website speed separately, later. Because their optimization is not so strong.
  • Website Security: Almost all the security required for the website is provided by Cloudflare Free Plan. In other words, you do not have to worry about the security of the website. Moreover, you can modify the security rules as you wish.
  • Performance: Cloudflare enhances the overall performance of the website. Such as fast speed, low latency, etc. Free DNS Management: They do not charge a separate fee for DNS management. Moreover, the advantage of using custom DNS is available.
  • Firewall: Cloudflare uses a very powerful firewall. However, in the free plan, you will not be able to add or modify the rules. They have to take what they give. IP Hide: There is an advantage to hiding the IP of your website which helps to get protection from hacking attacks.
  • Offline Availability: Cloudflare helps keep the website live even if the website goes offline for some reason. That means your website or app will always be online.
  • Website Analytics: They show all the analytics on the dashboard, from visitors to the website to bandwidth management. From which a lot of data about the website is available.
  • Free SSL Certificate: If you use the Cloudflare service, you can get the facility to install a free SSL certificate on the website.


  • High Price: The price of Cloudflare is very high. Their monthly charges are the highest among other CDN services. That is why people are more comfortable with the free version than using the paid version.
  • Page Rule Limitation: Due to the limited page rule, the rule cannot be set arbitrarily. Which is a lot of trouble around the time. Many people suggest increasing this limit from 3 to 5.
  • Page Speed: Cloudflare does not have much effect on page speed. This is because they do not do the amount of customization required to affect the page speed. Although a little better, it’s not exactly the way they promote it, it’s just a problem with the original website that needs to be solved differently.


After creating a website, we have to do a lot to get it to the audience in the right way. Cloudflare has made our job a lot easier. In the above discussion, we have learned in detail what is Cloudflare, its function, and its pros and cons.

Hope you enjoyed the article. Discussions have been held on how to use Cloudflare. Hopefully, you will use the Cloudflare service as a CDN on your website.

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