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Strikingly Review

Strikingly Review 2021: Build Free Websites in Hours!

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It was in 2012 that it entered the court of online website editors. What we do know is that Strikingly is really different from most of the software you’ve heard of. And if you want to know what, you’ll get the answer in this full Strikingly review.

We presented our assessment of its model offer, its prices, its SEO performance, the quality of its technical assistance, etc.

After reading this Strikingly review, you will be able to learn about the publisher’s strengths and weaknesses and whether it is possible to trust them to create a quality website.

A Remarkable Range Of Themes

In our time and particularly in 2021, display technologies have evolved so much that mediocrity cannot be tolerated. In this section of our Strikingly review, we will tell you the number and quality of models offered by the publisher.

If you’ve looked at other reviews of the software before, there’s a chance you’ve heard a lot that isn’t totally true. It is true that it is not the best website editor, but its templates, which number in the hundreds, are quite interesting.

It is true that he does not offer as many as Wix or Jimdo, but his designs are really refined with a professional and contemporary touch. There is no doubt, we can count on him to have portfolio site models, personal sites, and professional sites.

We also want to take this section of our Strikingly review to let you know that the publisher allows for customization. However, the small challenge that we encounter is that the possibilities of customization are a little limited.

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For example, you will not be able to customize the color of your platform. You will actually only have one color unless you sign up for the Pro plan.

Likewise, elements like fonts, their colors, and sizes, background images, borders will not be editable. This is one of the areas where our Strikingly review is somewhat moderate.

But other than that, the models look quite good overall and are recommendable. Now, let’s take a look at the features side to see what Strikingly review we can get.

Features That Set You Apart

In this section of our full Strikingly review, we won’t try to compare with publishers like Wix or Jimdo, but we’ll see if the software gives us sufficient and interesting functionality.

From the outset, during the tests we carried out as part of this notice, we were entitled to site analysis tools such as Google Analytics and Google AdSense. These tools provide an appreciation of the visibility and attractive strength of your platform.

In addition, if you have a Pro plan, you will be able to protect certain pages of your site with passwords. This will allow you, for example, to make access to certain pages of your site chargeable.

You've unlocked more features!

In addition, unlike some website creation tools in 2021, this one allows access to an application market.

The advantage is that you will not be forced to illustrate yourself within the framework of the offer of features of the editor. If you want more, we shouldn’t stop you.

However, if there is really something that could moderate our opinion, it is the fact that, when we have not purchased the paid Pro plan, we are only entitled to one-page sites. Have you ever heard of it? These are sites that consist of only one page.

Another limitation that is important to note in this full review on Strikingly is that after you have created your platform, it is not possible to export it to another host. However, if you had an existing domain, the publisher will allow you to link it.

In the rest of our opinion, we will look at the question of the user-friendliness of the software and the degree of handling it offers.

User-Friendliness And Ease Of Handling

Why does our Strikingly review include the question of usability and grip? We have tested some tools with which you sometimes have to spend hours researching and asking questions. As for Strikingly, here is our review.

From the outset, the registration process is very simplified. A very short form to fill will suffice for you to be one of the users of the software. No need to provide your credit card information.

You will even have the possibility to import your information directly from your Google or LinkedIn account for example.

Apart from that, the very welcoming, intuitive, and user-friendly platform is designed in such a way that you don’t risk getting lost. You will have access to the “drag and drop” functionality, the very famous  “drag and drop”.

It makes creating websites really easy and fun. You will have a lot of ease to create sections, add text, images, without any coding knowledge.

To edit any part of your site, all it takes is a single click. On the other hand, if you have the technical knowledge, you will probably wonder if you will have the hand to retouch the source code. We answered this question towards the end of this Strikingly review.

That said, let’s get to the long-awaited section: plans.

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Are The Strikingly Affordable?

In this part of our full Strikingly review, we’ll show you how competitive the packages offered by the publisher are.

Let’s start by noting that it only offers three formulas: Free, Pro and Limited. After presenting them to you, you will tell us if, for you, the software could help to create a quality website.

The Free Formula

This is not to encourage you to keep the free plan for life, but to be fair, the free plan is one of the best free versions that we tested. And for that, we have no problem. be positive in our Strikingly review.

Indeed, this free formula gives access to 5 GB of bandwidth each month (unlike a few hundred MB to which we were sometimes entitled).

You also have access to unlimited free sites and 24-hour technical support. In addition, it allows you to open an online store, even if you will be able to display only one product.

The Limited Formula

With this formula, you will be able to create two Limited sites and as many free sites as you want. You will also be entitled to a personalized domain name and a bandwidth of 50 GB.

Here, the online store will allow you to view approximately 5 products and you will be entitled to 24/7 technical support. In addition, Limited sites only consist of one page. And if you want Strikingly to take on this package, here it is.

For the first of two paid plans, we don’t really have a reason to be very excited about our Strikingly review. Our only consolation is its very modest price: it costs 8 euros per month.

The Pro Formula

More advanced than the previous formula, it costs 16 euros per month and allows you to create unlimited free sites as well as three Pro sites. It gives access to unlimited bandwidth, a free domain, and an e-commerce store on which you can display up to 300 products.

The Pro formula also allows you to have a complete library of fonts, call-to-action-buttons, and an App Store. Also, you can create a site with several page s (up to 20), and enjoy technical support 24/7 days.

Basically, our Strikingly opinion is that its plans are very modest, especially when you consider that annual pricing is cheaper than monthly pricing.

Before continuing with our review, it’s important to point out that the publisher offers a 14-day free trial. This allows you to get started with the software and see if it is really right for you.

A Very Ergonomic Interface On All Screen Formats

On this question, our tests revealed that the models offered by the publisher are for the most part very responsive and responsive. Indeed, whatever the screen format on which they are consulted, they are perfectly accessible and their display is very ergonomic.

On the pages, the images and texts adapt to the screen and are very readable. This is one of the things that weighed a lot in our review of Strikingly.

This is very important since natural referencing (which we will talk about later) depends a lot on it. Google has already warned that sites that are not responsive will limit their chances of being well referenced.

And this is not a reform, it is at least four years old already.

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In addition, it should be noted in this review on Strikingly that the publisher does not offer a mobile editor. Clearly, this means that it will not be possible for you to make changes on your platform with a Smartphone. You will necessarily need a computer.

Likewise, unlike the PC version, with the mobile version, it will not be possible for your customers to contact you by clicking on your phone number or by email if you have only activated a free plan.

Here is now what to expect in terms of SEO when using this software.

Good Bases For A Satisfactory Natural Referencing

The ability of your website to rank favorably in search results determines its success. This is why we have included the criterion “  SEO positioning  ” in our review on Strikingly.

Here our opinion will be related to the packages. Indeed, as we told you above, apart from the Pro plan, the editor will only allow you to create one-page sites. However, the referencing of websites of this type is often limited. All site content on one page?

You are not sure that you are driving as much traffic as your competitors who have sites with 2-3 levels of navigation depth and who sometimes invest a lot in advertising. However, you will have the latitude to configure the URL and the title of your “one-pages” for better SEO.

This improves our review Strikingly, it is the ability to change the Meta description tags and  ALT tags. For the other tags, in particular H1, H2, H3, they are automatically generated by the software. Suddenly, we are very comfortable in terms of SEO.

In addition, the sites created with the tool all have a security certificate. This is the HTTPS protocol by which your data will be encrypted.

This too is part of the indexing criteria for search engine robots. So what’s your take on Strikingly? Do you think you can trust him to create a quality website?

If you’re not sure yet, we’ll give you more information later in this Strikingly review. We start with blogs.↑

Blog Integration: Possible Or Not?

Retaining your audience requires the implementation of a number of tools, including a blog. A site without a blog is necessarily limited. Indeed, if you manage to attract traffic, a blog will allow you to write articles likely to bring you some.

It is not for nothing that every day, more than 2 million blogs are published on the internet. Unfortunately, not all publishers allow you to have a blog integrated into your site. After our tests, here is our review of Strikingly.

We have seen that it is quite possible to create a rather smart blog with this software. There is, however, a small technical issue. The blog is quite special. First, the articles will display as links.

Strikingly Review (2021): Simple & Easy to Use (UPDATED)

When your visitors click on these links, they’re taken to a new page that opens with a design that’s completely different from your site’s theme. So our Strikingly opinion on this issue is rather moderate.

It should still be added that these blogs come with some basic features such as saving drafts, comments, etc.

Now let’s talk about accessing HTML / CSS code.

In Part 1 of our Strikingly review, we talked about the font and color changes. But when you have the skills, you may also want to retouch the lines of the source code for more customizations. On this aspect, here is our opinion on Strikingly.

The software allows access to the HTML / CSS code of the pages. For example, you can integrate a code to add new functionality that the publisher did not foresee.

It goes without saying that it is not with a free plan that you will achieve this. It is the Pro formula that allows access to the source code.

It must be said that this access is a great asset for users. This offers more freedom in improving the dynamism of the sites created.

We will continue our Strikingly review, showing you the e-commerce features.

A Publisher Remarkable For Its E-Commerce Features

Among the 1.6 billion websites that exist, a very large number are dedicated to online sales. However, nearly 85.5% of French people make an average of 28 online purchases each year.

So, you are right to want to know our opinion on Strikingly regarding its e-commerce features. Here is what you need to know.

The publisher is one of those rare tools that does not charge commissions on online sales. It offers the possibility of accepting payments by PayPal or by Stripes.

In addition, it is true that it only allows you to display one article for its Limited formula. But its Pro formula allows you to display up to 20 articles online. For this, it would be a good choice if you want to market limited collections or unique products.

If you need to display more products in your online store, all you have to do is go to the App Store and download the Ecwid app.

This application allows in particular to display an unlimited number of products. You will also be able to download other e-commerce applications to manage pre-orders, create online events, etc.

Finally, let’s add that you can easily add products to your store and stimulate sales by publishing coupons.

We end our full review of Strikingly with an assessment of its technical support.

Technical Support That Meets Your Needs

As soon as you start with the editor, it presents you with a video tutorial to familiarize you with its main features.

In addition to this tutorial, there is an FAQ section that is sufficiently extensive to resolve generic questions. But the publisher did not stop there.

It is true that it does not offer telephone support or live chat. On the other hand, he has planned a “Happiness Team”, his technical team. She can be contacted 24/7 by email and usually responds within 12 hours.

Basically, considering its ease of use, this support system is quite satisfactory.


It should be remembered from our opinion on Strikingly that like all website editors, this one too has its strengths and weaknesses. First, we saw that its models are very smart and are displayed with perfect readability and good ergonomics.

Plus, the publisher’s free plan is among the best free deals. It gives you access to 5GB of bandwidth and lets you build as many sites as you want. The prices that the software offers for its paid plans are also very interesting.

On the other hand, what mitigates our opinion a bit on Strikingly, is that to fully enjoy the tool, you will have to buy the Pro formula. It is only with this version that we benefit from all the possibilities of customization.

We also mentioned in this review that only the Pro plan provides access to a better SEO set up base. One-page sites do not allow the true deployment of keywords and internal links.

Finally, here is our opinion on Strikingly: the offer of the publisher is quite interesting. It is more so than those of many other publishers that we saw.

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