SendMail has been around from when email marketing was still in its infancy. They have been in the business when email marketing is not yet a popular form of marketing and they continue to be a pioneer in this field.

ConvertKit is a newer company that started back in 2013. ConvertKit specializes in getting more subscribers and they offer many features that are exclusive to their platform.

Due to these differing features, it will really depend on what your needs are as a marketer that will determine which service you should use.

This article makes an overview of two popular email marketing platforms for marketers who want to make the best decision for themselves or their clients.

What is SendGrid and ConvertKit?

There are two major players in the email service provider space, SendGrid, and ConvertKit.

SendGrid is a cloud-based email service for internet marketers and developers. It offers a robust set of features that can help simplify your email efforts.

ConvertKit is an all-in-one email marketing solution for authors, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. It integrates seamlessly with your website or blog so you don’t have to buy expensive third-party tools to run your marketing campaigns.

SendGrid vs ConvertKit: Which one Should I Use for My Business?

SendGrid has been in the email marketing game since 2001. SendGrid was founded by some of the minds behind Yahoo!’s spam filter, so you know they’ve got some chops.

ConvertKit is known for its ease of use and automation features. ConvertKit is focused on email marketing, but its software can be used for everything from blogging to social media to landing pages.

SendGrid may be for you if you are looking for a reliable company with an expansive set of features that can help grow your business. ConvertKit offers flexibility and automation that will make your life easier as an online marketer.