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Cloudways Hosting Review

Cloudways Hosting Review 2021: Is It Fastest Cloud Hosting?

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Cloudways offers ease of server configuration and speed in scaling available resources, starting at $10 per month.

If you are looking for a managed cloud hosting solution, with excellent server speed, 24/7 chat assistance, and the ability to install the main cms with one click, Cloudways is the answer for you.

What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform, which allows you to choose from a series of cloud server providers and configure them quickly and easily. You will not have to deal with server maintenance and technical assistance will be provided by Cloudways.

With Cloudways, you will pay the server only for the time of use, and you will have the possibility to increase the resources available to you quickly, should you need it.

In this review, we will analyze all aspects of the service offered by Cloudways, identifying their advantages and disadvantages.

Cloudways Hosting Review With Full Features

Supported cloud providers

Cloudways allows you to choose between different cloud providers, facilitating and speeding up the process of creating a server, which will only take a few minutes.

Being a managed service, Cloudways eliminates all the technical complexities deriving from the installation and maintenance of the server, allowing you to focus solely on your business.

Cloudways server choice

Choice of server provider with Cloudways

Currently, the cloud providers that can be used with cloudways are:

  • Digital ocean
  • Linode
  • Vultr
  • Amazon AWS
  • Google cloud

Domain, DNS, and email management

Cloudways takes care of the management of the servers on which to host your site but does not offer the possibility to register a domain and consequently the management of the DNS and the creation of e-mail boxes.

These operations must be carried out through a third-party service (for example, the classic GoDaddy), which will then need to be pointed via DNS to the server created on cloudways.

General service overview

Cloudways offers 24/7 support via tickets and chat; has a pay-as-you-go cost model, and the first migration of a site is offered for free (but if you prefer, you can migrate yourself).

In addition to this, cloudways offers the free SSL certificates of let’s encrypt, has no contractual duration restrictions (it is possible to activate and stop a server at any time) and on the activated server it is possible to install all the sites we want.

The only limit is given by the resources available to the chosen server, but once they are saturated, it is possible to upgrade the machine on the fly, increasing its power or space, and therefore also the sites that can be hosted.

Cloudways server creation

The creation of the server with the CMS pre-installed we want takes a few minutes

Cloudways allows you to install more than 10 cms (which cloudways defines with the term applications ) with one click, including:

  • WordPress
  • woo commerce
  • PrestaShop
  • Joomla
  • Magento

And others, speeding up and simplifying the initial setup phase.

Obviously, any applications that are not among those that can be installed through the 1-click installation of cloudways, however, can still be installed by hand through the classic upload via FTP.

Advanced server and application management

Owner management panel

Server management is done through a cloudways proprietary management panel; this means that if you are used to the classic Cpanel or Plesk interface, you may initially find yourself confused.

In reality, the use of the panel offered by cloudways is very intuitive and beyond the initial loss, you learn in a short time to use it.

Server management panel

Cloudways offers advanced management of servers and installed applications: you can stop, restart and delete the server whenever you want. It is also possible to clone the server, in order to create another one with identical features.

cloudways server restart

The panel from which you can stop, restart or delete the server

Management of services

It is also possible to individually manage the services running on the server, restarting or stopping them if necessary.

cloudways server management

The server management panel on Cloudways

Resource control

From the management panel, it is possible to monitor the use of available resources, such as ram, CPU, disk space, and bandwidth. By checking these parameters, you can check if your server needs an upgrade.

cloudways server monitoring

It is possible to monitor the consumption of server resources

Changing PHP, MySQL, and web server parameters

In addition to this, it is possible to vary a series of parameters related to the server, such as the execution limit, the upload size limit, and the memory limit. It is also possible to change the parameters related to PHP, MySQL, and apache / Nginx, in case you need to make these changes.

Cloudways server parameters

A screenshot of some of the parameters that can be changed

Notification management

It is also possible to receive notifications in real-time, which notify you of important events related to the server. You can choose to receive notifications via different communication channels, such as email, slack, or API. You can also choose in detail the type of notifications to receive, such as events about the health of the server and installed applications.

cloudways notifications

It is possible to choose which notifications to receive and the communication channels

Functionality for working groups

Cloudways has been designed for the collaboration of workgroups, in fact, it is possible to add collaborators with different levels of permission, who can access certain areas of the control panel, such as the billing area, the support area, or the server and application management panel.

Cloudways team member management

Management of team members and related permissions

Site cloning and staging area creation

Another very useful function in cloudways is the possibility of creating a staging area, which allows you to create an isolated clone of our live site, so that you can carry out tests and changes, without having to make them visible on the live version. Of the site.

At the end of the changes, with a click, you have the possibility to automatically copy all the changes you have made, from the staging version of the site to the live version.

Any files that you have edited in the staging version will be updated on the live version. The reverse operation is also possible (import changes from the live version of the site to the staging version).

staging clone Cloudways application

The panel from which you can create a staging/clone version of the application

Cloudways performance and security

Really fast servers!

If you are looking for a server with excellent speed performance, which allows your sites to load quickly, then cloudways is the right solution for you! Unlike classic shared hosting, cloudways servers have dedicated resources. As for the technical features, cloudways servers can count on:

  • SSD disks
  • Advanced caches already integrated (Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis)
  • Multiple PHP versions available: from 5.6 to 7.3
  • Cdn cloudways
  • Caching plugin breeze for wordpress
  • Full-page cache for Magento
  • Mysql and maria db
  • Choosing the data center closest to your audience
  • And more!

Cloudways speed features

The features that make cloudways super fast hosting

From performance tests carried out with various tools ( google pagespeed ​​insight, gt metrix , google search console ), I found a marked improvement in the page loading speed of sites that use cloudways.

The speed of the site is a determining factor, which affects both the user experience of the users who visit it (a site that slowly loads pages no one likes), and its positioning among the google results (search engines favor fast sites).

Cloudways security

On the security side, cloudways has implemented a number of best practices to keep servers safe and secure. In particular, we see:

  • Dedicated firewalls, to filter malicious traffic and block any intruders
  • Regularly installed security patches to fix vulnerabilities
  • Two-factor authentication, to add an extra layer of security to your account
  • Ip whitelist for FTP and MySQL, to authorize access to certain addresses
  • Free SSL certificate, to protect your site traffic with HTTPS
  • Automatic backups, which can be set at the desired frequency

cloudways security

The security measures applied by cloudways

I have not detected security issues with cloudways so far and given the technical implementations described above, I think and hope I never have to detect them.

Support and technical assistance

Cloudways offers 24/7 support via chat and ticket. The answers are quick and polite, and the operators are able to offer solutions for assistance requests in a short time.

cloudways assistance

The tools made available by cloudways for user assistance

In addition to this, the service provides a rich knowledge base, useful if we want to do research independently before contacting technical assistance, with articles on the main topics (from the instructions to configure the SSL certificate, to those to carry out independently site migration, and more).

There is also a community forum, where you can get answers from other cloudways users.

Free site migration

It is possible to request the migration of your site from the old provider to cloudways so that the technicians take care of carrying out the operation correctly. The first assisted migration is free, while the following ones are paid, starting from 25 dollars (depends on the cms to be migrated).

In any case, it is possible to carry out the migration independently, in case you prefer to have complete control over the entire operation.

How much does cloudways cost?

Cloudways has a pay-as-you-go cost. This means that a server can be started and stopped at any time; therefore, if you decide to use it for only 1 week and then deactivate it, you will only pay the cost corresponding to 7 days. Cloudways costs depend on the service provider you choose to use and the configuration set (ram, processor, disk space, etc …).

To give an example, the cost of 1 month of cloudways, using a digital ocean server, starts from 10 dollars per month. It is possible to try cloudways at no cost, in fact, the first 3 days are free; after the third day, the consumption count will start.

cloudways pricing

Cloudways prices vary depending on the server configuration

What are cloudways suitable for?

For bloggers and those who manage a blog

If you have a blog and want to focus on your blogging business, without worrying about problems related to the initial setup of applications and the security or speed of the server hosting your blog, cloudways is the right solution for you.

For companies and professionals

If you have a company or are a professional, and are looking for servers that are fast to implement, secure, easy to upgrade, and with excellent speed performance, cloudways is the answer.

For digital agencies and web agencies

The web services, who need to manage customer sites, will find a valuable ally in cloudways. The speed of server and application impregnation, as well as the possibility of increasing the resources available “on the fly”, are determining factors for the speed of intervention that is often required of agencies.


Overall, the service offered by cloudways made an excellent impression on me, and I would recommend it to those who need a more advanced service than the classic shared hosting, as it offers dedicated resources.

The ease of creating and upgrading the servers, as well as the good speed performance, together with the ease of use, make it a high-level service for those who require high performance for their site, at an affordable price.

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