Md Nurul Islam

Hey! I am Md Nurul Islam, Owner of

I’m an online marketer with more than 6 years of experience. I build websites to earn money as passively as possible. I’m 39 years old and lucky to have a wonderful wife and 3 cute little children.

I started out an affiliate marketing in 2016 and quickly found that online marketing was my thing.  I decided to go all-in on creating websites that generate income in the most hands-off way possible. So, I started building content websites while working as an SEO consultant.

Today I run a couple of sites together with an awesome team (writers + editor). That allows me to spend time sharing what I’ve learned online and others how to build these passive income websites.


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Amazing Experience

Nurul Digital is doing pretty well to maintain our site and fast at job delivery. Now I don’t worry while planning for other tasks.

Shourove Ansari

Coordinating Director, BaSE Bangladesh


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Patrick Bradley

Md Nurul Islam

SEO Expert & WP Web Designer

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Auny Choudhury

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